Fixed* Showbox Not Working, Stopped, Server Errors

Fixed* Showbox Not Working, Stopped, Server Errors

showboxapp not working 2018

Showbox Not Working: As everyone knows, ShowBox App is a popular application which allows users to watch free online internet movies or TV functions. Showbox supports mostly all platforms, even you can use it on your PC. There are a lot of alternatives for Showbox application, but no other apps are maintained of with the quality which Showbox provides. Earlier, people didn’t have an option to watch out their favorite shows and movies but now these online streaming apps are clearing out those problems.

Showbox Not Working, Stopped, Server Errors:

“In this tutorial, we will guide you on Showbox, not Working in your android device or to fix any issues of Showbox applications”

Showbox Not Working/Loading Errors:

Before stepping into the guide, section lets me brief about Showbox app. Showbox isn’t an application which runs only on android platforms. People who don’t have an android device can also enjoy the features of this application. As the growth of this application was humongous, they outspread the application mostly on every platform.

The main features of showbox application are that

• Showbox is an application with awesome design and user interface.
• This application consists a lot of TV shows and movies, you can download it also.
• You can select up the quality of your video which will be compatible to your device
If you own an android device, you would start your day by checking your emails, SMS, social updates and all. Once, if you install Showbox application you will be completely get addicted to latest shows, movies and videos, that too without losing up a single penny. This complete tutorial will help you on the topic “How to install show box in an android device”. Showbox will help you to get your favorite movies and shows on the go.

Showbox Not Working/Has Stopped Problem Fixed:

This guide works for all Showbox users of Android and for other platforms. It’s a great tip to fix the Showbox not working error on the latest version. How to uninstall the Updated Showbox and Install Older Version?

Fix Show Box App Update Problem On Your Computer:

At first, you need to download the Showbox apk which is working fine. Then open blue stacks and click on the Time. You can find the time option at the bottom of the window. Just tap it!
  • Then navigate to Settings > Manage Applications.
  • Now you will see installed apps just click the Showbox to delete by giving permission to uninstall.
That’s it! Now you can uninstall Showbox app or remove completely from your PC without facing any issues! Now you need to install the Showbox app. For that, just you need to clear the app cache memory by navigating to the setting. After deleting the cache memory, I suggest you guys not to update the app anymore.
  • How to Clear Cache Memory of Showbox app?
  • Go to “Settings” and the tap the “Application Manager”.
  • Then navigate to “All Application or All” and look for installed Showbox app.
  • Just tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear data”. That’s it!

ShowBox Not Working on ChromeCast:

  • At first, you need to Reboot the Chromecast and then navigate to Settings.
  • Then go to Apps Manager and select Avia App and clear the data.
  • Now again reboot the device and go to Home section of Showbox App and try to cast. That’s it!
  • Fix Video Not Available now Problem
First download Show Box app apk and then just update it. Now just clear the cache memory by following the above steps. This methods works well for me, so I hope this will work for you too! If you are still facing any issues then please let us know in comments below and we will get back to you soon with the perfect solution.

Showbox Alternatives for Android, ios & PC – 5 Best Apps Like Show Box

Showbox Alternatives for Android, ios & PC – 5 Best Apps Like Show Box

Showbox Alternatives for Android, ios & PC – 5 Best Apps Like Show Box

Showbox Alternatives for Android: 
Yes! We all are movie buffs, we can live a day without food but can’t live a day without watching our favorite shows and movies. But let me drag you to the fact that Television isn’t enough source of entertainment as on TV channels telecasts repeatedly the same movie over many times. And then we need a good medium so that we can stream our favorite or latest movie anytime. And then we get to know that watching online movies on internet are the best medium of unlimited fun and it is free of costs too.

Showbox Alternatives for Android, IOS & PC:

All we need is smartphone and internet access. We can enjoy watching online movies at any platform no matter either it is android or ios , a computer or a laptop. Today, we have many apps that allows us to stream videos and movies online free of cost. But the best app among them is “showbox”.

Showbox Alternatives Apps

showbox alternatives app list

Showbox is the most popular app among movie streaming sites and apps. As it is very easy to use, the instructions given in this app are very convenient to follow. It gives huge storage for movie, serials, cartoons, music videos etc .through showbox you can stream for any movie, music videos in just few clicks along with this it has an amazing feature that will allow you to watch your favorite video or movies offline as well. But due to the popularity of this app sometimes you may face server down because a large number of users visit this site at the same time for streaming videos. Or sometime you may find that showbox is not working properly in your device.
Well, for that case I’m going to tell you the alternatives of showbox along with this I’m going to cover all the features of the alternatives apps of showbox. So, let us have a look on them.

1.      Moviebox app

Movie Box app 2018

If we talk about movie box then it counts in the top 5 app for streaming movies and videos. A plenty of movies are available there in moviebox app. It has a huge number of users as latest movies are instantly and frequently gets updated on this amazing app. This app have got a large number of great features like-This app allows the user to create a list of watched and to be watched videos or movies separately. It also enable the user to have a look on those videos that are quite similar to your searched one.Users can find a rated movie easily and can rate the movie as well. This app supports different languages like German, French, English, and Turkish. So at last I recommend you to go for this app as an alternative of showbox.

2.      Crackle app

crackle app 2018

Well this is the another app that can work as the best alternative of showbox app because of its good service, it has got 30 million active users, this app is available for both android as well as for iPhones. Crackle takes just 5 seconds to load any videos that is the another reason behind its popularity. The layout of this app allows you to find videos very conveniently as the dark theme and the proper thumbnails let user to search videos more easily.

3.      Movietube App

movietube app 2018

This is another app that have the similar features like that of showbox. It contains movies on high definition that is on HD not only movies but all the videos and serials. This is no buffering issue with this app. The experience of this app will allow you to open the doors of another universe where you can appreciate the HD quality of videos provided by movietube app. Today, movietube is providing streaming in 18 different languages like English, French, German, Chinese, Korean etc. and you could not find any limitation of this app as you can stream for any video, any movie, any music video, cartoon, and reality show. It don’t requires any type of registration for streaming movies. Well these features has made movietube unique from the other apps present in the market.

4.      Cinemabox App

cinemabox app 2018

Cinemabox is the choice of movie buffs. This app is the full package of entertainment itself, it provides you all the movies, videos, serials, cartoons, and any other videos for free of cost. You can also stream for the videos in HD quality. Cinemabox also allows you to download as many movies you want in the HD quality with no hidden charges at all. You can even download the MP3v version of videos that you have seen on cinemabox into your device. Cinema box has videos and movies of all the languages. As you can stream for Hindi, Punjabi, English and videos and movies. Along with this all in the homepage of this app it shows all the trending videos, movies etc. this makes an ease for the users to find the required or desired videos. Well this app is not present in the app stores of android and ios users but if you are willing to use it then you can download the apk file and can enjoy the never ending entertainment of cinemabox.

5.      Hubi App

hubi app 2018

Well, hubi app is the best substitute of showbox app as it allows you to watch videos from the most popular video hosts around the world. Hubi is has an integrated video player that allows users to stream movies easily. Hubi captures the link of the biggest streaming videos from you tube and can download your videos as well. This app comes with a paste button which allows users to paste whatever they have in the clipboard to paste at the hubi’s text bar this means you can paste the link on hubi’s text bar and it will direct you to the video. You can here find any video either old or latest. The best thing about this app is it allows its users to stream videos at minimum data loss. In this app you can have access to unlimited movies, videos, etc. hence, these amazing features allows this app to stand up among the best alternatives of showbox app.